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Rates & Fees

We have short-term and long-term rates. To qualify for long-term rates you must sign a lease for at least one term (four months).

Returning residents receive a $50/month discount on their rent beginning the second year of residence.

Returning residents are also eligible for scholarships which would reduce the monthly rent.

Please keep in mind that rates include all food services, utilities, internet, and a fully furnished room.

Room Fees

*All rates listed below are monthly unless otherwise stated.

Long-Term Rates

Short-Term Rates


A $500 security deposit and $250 administrative deposit are required before move-in. These will be held on to throughout the duration of the rental agreement and returned upon move-out less any fees for damages, cleaning, or breaking of the rental agreement.

Kameniari Fees

Every resident pays $25 per term in fees to the Kameniari. To be paid at the beginning of the term or rental agreement. Please see the Kameniari page for more information.


Please see the amenities page for information.

Damages, etc.

Upon move-out the room must be in the same condition as move-in. When a resident moves in they are provided with a Condition of Premises Agreement. Both the resident and Mohyla Institute representative sign off on the Condition of Premises and that is what the room is compared to upon move-out.

If there are any damages, or anything needs to be cleaned, that fee is taken off of the deposit and the remainder is returned to the resident.


*This list does not include the cost of damaged furniture or flooring, or damages of any common area property. Rates & Fees subject to change.*
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