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Summer Immersion - Program

Program Description

The Mohyla Ukrainian Summer Immersion Program is designed to provide a cultural-linguistic experience for high school aged students (age 14-18).

Students of all abilities are encouraged to participate in the program, as the expectation is for a student to speak in Ukrainian to the best of their learned ability. Throughout the program, the students will develop a working command of the spoken Ukrainian language not provided by correspondence and online programs.

Students will potentially be joined by exchange students from Ukraine, where they will be further able to practice their newly learned Ukrainian language skills.

Ukrainian Culture

Students will participate in many Ukrainian cultural activities, such as: Ukrainian dance instruction; Ukrainian music and singing instruction; Ukrainian artwork and culinary instruction; participation in both Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox Byzantine-Rite liturgical practices and architecture; and viewing of Ukrainian multimedia. Leading experts in these various fields from the Saskatoon area will be brought in to discuss the topics or to provide instruction in their specific areas of expertise.


The students will have the opportunity to go on a number of excursions, including a trip to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada (Saskatoon, SK) and the Saskatchewan Railway Museum (located at the site of the Eaton Internment Camp, SK) which interred Ukrainian-Canadian immigrants in 1914).

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